Bulletproof Backpacks

What are Bulletproof Backpacks and Bags?

Bulletproof Bags and Bulletproof Backpacks are specially crafted to provide similar levels of ballistic protection as bulletproof vests and body armor through a bulletproof backpack insert but in an inconspicuous form factor to keep yourself protected no matter where you go. Bulletproof backpacks can be more convenient than bulletproof vests as they are less obvious and easier to share with loved ones giving you peace of mind that you are prepared in any situation that may arise.

How do bulletproof backpacks work?

Level IIIA and over ballistic panels are integrated into the bag or lining allowing you to use the bulletproof backpack as a form of mobile cover or body armor should you find yourself in an active shooter situation. Separate backpack ballistic panels can also be used with any existing backpack you may already own as well as regular backpacks we carry. Additional backpack inserts can improve the level of ballistic protection provided by the bag.

How to use a bulletproof backpack

Three ways to use a ballistic protection backpack in a shooting incident

Here are several examples of how a bulletproof backpack could be used in an active shooter situation. The goal is to make yourself as small as possible to maximize the protection provided by the ballistic plates in the bag.

How much do bulletproof backpacks cost?

In general, bulletproof backpacks run from between $99 to $490 and usually come with Level IIIA armor inserts. Plate carrier backpacks tend to cost slightly more if they don't include the required plates.

The prices also vary with the quality of the bag itself and the armor's National Institute of Justice (NIJ) protection level. While there are some cheaper options, remember the goal is to keep you or your loved one safe. So be sure to select the level of protection you think is appropriate.

What is the best bulletproof backpack or bag?

The "best" bag often depends on what features you're looking for. We offer many reputable body armor brands that offer quality bulletproof backpacks and backpack panels such as Tuffypacks, Leatherback Gear, Guard Dog Security, Angel Armor, Bulletblocker and Talos Ballistics. Many of these products offer certain advantages over others depending on your use case as backpacks like ones from Leatherback Gear have the ability to become a mobile protective vest with a modular front portion, while the ballistic panels from Tuffypacks allow you to use almost any bag or backpack of your choice for personal protection. Bulletblocker and Talos Ballistics also offer junior ballistic protection clothing for lightweight, inconspicuous protection for your children. 

For more information on Bulletproof Backpacks and possible ways they can prove helpful in active shooter situations, see our articles on What Kind of Bulletproof Backpack or Backpack Armor To Get and What to Do in an Active Shooter Situation. Keep you and your family safe where you study, work, travel, and play with a Bulletproof Backpack or Backpack Armor. Browse our selection of bulletproof backpacks and level IIIA armor inserts to find the one that is right for you. Get protection and peace of mind for your loved ones today!

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