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Tactical Plate Carrier Laid on the Ground

Hard and Soft Body Armor: Which Works Best For You?

Many people are now using body armor for several reasons. Previously, military personnel were the ones who first used this protective clothing, yet today everyone can use body armor. Whether you’re a private citizen or a bodyguard, body armors are widely available in the market. However, when looking for the best one suited for your needs, you might encounter terms soft body armor and hard body armor. These are the types of body armors you can find in today’s market. But, what’s the difference between soft body armor and hard body armor?

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MOLLE plate carrier

What is MOLLE?

MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. It is a special type of tactical gear which is considered as the current standard of Army equipment used for carrying load-bearing packs that combat soldiers wear. The MOLLE system is used by NATO troops, specifically from Great Britain and the USA. These systems are also usually employed by different law enforcement agencies.

Its modularity comes from its use of the PALS, also known as the Pouch Attachment Ladder System. This PALS system consists of nylon strips sown to the equipment in a ladder pattern  to allow for the attachment of other MOLLE compatible gear.

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Man wiping a body armor insert with a white cloth

Caring For Your Protective Gear

Every day your body armor is expected to take care of you, and it will, but first you need to take care of it.  Body armor requires regular care to keep it fresh and to prevent damage to the plates.  You don’t want it broken, and you don’t want to smell like a sweaty beast. Your body armor should receive regular attention.  At the very least you should wash bullet proof vests once a week like you would with any of your other duty equipment.  If you have the time, it can be washed more often but most work schedules will not allow for that.

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Two police officers wearing body armor

Complete Guide to Police Body Armor and Protective Gear

Policemen are deployed to all types of environments including possibly hostile ones, constantly putting their lives on the line. In such a dangerous lines of work, it is imperative to protect yourself in every way possible to ensure you return home to your family every night. This requires being prepared with the proper equipment and body armor so you can fulfill your duties safely and efficiently. There are many varieties of bullet proof vests and other protective gear that suit a large number of needs as well as budgets.

When selecting your equipment, it is important for you as an officer to understand the details of what you bring with you into the field. Not all police departments have the resources or availability for the gear that would best suit you and your personal safety is too important to settle for less. For your protective gear specifically, it is imperative to know what exactly you will be protected against and to what level of effectiveness they possess. Here are some things to keep in mind as you consider your next investment.

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Security personnel talking on walkie talkie

Complete Guide to Buying Body Armor for Security Personnel

Today’s security industry calls for versatile and skilled security personnel. Security guards may be hired to guard people, places, or other property and items. No matter the circumstances, there is no doubt that every security guard faces potential dangers and threats and must ensure that they are fully protected from any danger which may come with their chosen line of work. That’s why we’ve put together this extensive guide for professionals working in the security sector - so that they may make informed decisions when choosing which type of body armor is best suited for their needs.

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Three Plate carriers side by side

What are the Different Types of Body Armor?

Body armor is an essential piece of safety equipment that provides protection against various dangerous threats such as penetrating attacks by weapons, slashing, bludgeoning, etc. It is commonly known to be used by military personnel, police, security guards, and bodyguards, however, it is now being used by private citizens who also need protection against said threats. If you are a private citizen who wants body armor for your personal protection, you should have a better understanding about body armor before you actually buy one.

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