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Ammunition, gas masks, grenades, handcuffs, and other military items are commonly carried in pouches. A holster is a device that holds or restricts the movement of a handgun, usually in a location where it can be quickly withdrawn. Both of these have been essential additions to any loadout because they provide easy access to the wearer's equipment, particularly in life-threatening situations.

Mag pouches, dump pouches, and gear pouches are among the various types of pouches available, depending on their function. All of these are available in a variety of sizes and with straps or fasteners to attach them to your body armor. Find the Top 9 Best Mag Pouches that you can attach to your armor loadout.

Keep in mind when setting up your plate carrier that the side pouches must never obstruct access to the holster or other items on the beltline. Make sure you don't pile on too many bulky pouches on top of your magazines, as this will disrupt their usability and accessibility. Let our 2021 Plate Carrier Guide help you get started in building your armor loadout today!