A storm shelter or storm cellar is a type of underground bunker designed to protect the occupants from violent severe weather, particularly tornadoes. They can also be used as improvised bomb shelters or fallout shelters.

When a natural disaster strikes, is there a safe place where you can take your family? Where is it? How fast will it take you to get your family there?

A shelter offers life-saving options for you and your family from destructive hurricanes or storms, even for houses without basements.

After a series of severe storms in various areas, shelters became a necessity for many households. 

Why? It is because one of the safest places you can be in during a hurricane is underground.

Basements could have been a perfect solution. However, they are still prone to debris and collapse during a natural disaster.

A shelter is indeed your best alternative option, which is possible even for flood-prone or highly urbanized locations.

All safe rooms are made under particular specifications under federal law, which means they must abide by the safety standards. They are constructed to resist strong winds of up to 250 mph and more than 3,000 pounds of force. And while the common location of the shelters is in the basement or garages, new designs now allow them to be in other areas of your home.

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